Coastside Cabinets supplies homeowners, builders and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with premium quality custom and made-to-order cabinets at an exceptional value. 
Choose from a wide range of styles and configurations suitable for kitchens, baths - every room in your home. 
Call us at 650-533-4330 to get your project started.

CWP Custom Wood Products - Kitchen
CWP Custom Wood Products - Kitchen
KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program:
CWP Cabinetry is an approved participant in the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program and has been certified as meeting the ESP 01-06 requirements for Air Quality, Resource Management of Product and Process, Environmental Stewardship and Community Relations.
CWP (Custom Wood Products) offers custom cabinetry.  Cabinets are made in the U.S. with face-framed (overlay and inset) and frameless type construction.   Located in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley of Southwest Virginia, CWP have been producing fine custom cabinetry for over 35 years. There are almost no limitations to what CWP can provide.

One of the outstanding aspects of all CWP cabinet lines is the 14 step  "CustoGuard” finish that’s designed to produce a beautiful but tough finish that will give many years of enjoyment with minimum care.  CWP applies 3 coatings of finish material, rather than the usual 2 coats provided by most other cabinet manufacturers. This technique results in the most durable finish on the market.
CWP Custom Wood Products - Bar
CWP Custom Wood Products - Bathroom
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Coastside Cabinets is an authorized dealer for CWP Custom Wood Products
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CWP Buckingham door style
CWP Milan door style
CWP Augusta door style
CWP Newport door style
CWP Roanoke door style
CWP Mission door style
CWP Door Style Birdseye


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